What We Do

HardtHouse is an editing firm, specialising in manuscripts and scripts, offering professional packages, built with your work in mind, for any of your editing needs. Servicing both companies and the public, HardtHouse accepts the following

    • Manuscripts
    • Scripts
    • Poetry
    • Short Stories
    • Theses
    • Journals
    • Essays
    • Proposals

For your privacy, each and every client of HardtHouse is kept strictly confidential. Your work remains entirely your own, and is returned to you both edited according to your selected package as well as in its original submission format. If you have a specific request for the editing of work that is not listed above, please contact us via the contact sheet and one of our editors will respond to you, typically between 24-48 hours.

Listed below are the packages we offer for your convenience.


  • Bronze Package:

    This package includes a ‘Red Ink’ version of your work submitted back to you. The manuscript is proofread, with what you need to fix marked out for you. Your work is returned to you, normally, between one and six weeks.

  • Silver Package:

    This package involves a ‘Red Ink’ version of your work submitted back to you with minor changes already fixed for you. For example, failure to capitalise, enter a comma or full stop etc, is fixed for you, while larger errors are marked for you to fix. Your work is returned to you, normally, between two and eight weeks.

  • Gold Package:

    This package is for those of you who want your work returned to them in tip-top shape. Your work is completely edited, until it shines, and is returned looking pristine. Your work is returned to you, normally, in four to twelve weeks.

  • Platinum Package:

    This is the ultimate package for those who are serious about getting their manuscript published. Your work is completely edited and then set out in what is the general publishing submission format. You will also receive a personal feedback letter about your manuscript, with advice and compliments from our experienced team. Your work is returned to you, normally, in eight to sixteen weeks.


Upon submitting your manuscript, please leave a short description of your work in the designated area, as HardtHouse will not accept anything of a lewd, lascivious or depraved nature, nor work that is overly offensive or sexualised. HardtHouse retains the right to accept or reject any work without reason.

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