Welcome to a place where your manuscript is our most important asset. As a writer myself, I know what it’s like to work painstakingly on your novel, picking and preening, until it’s ready.

Your biggest dream – if you’ll let yourself believe it – is to have your work published. If you’re not quite ready for that, you at least want to know that it’s perfect.

However, to get perfect, your manuscript needs to be edited. Professionally. That’s where we come in.

I created this business to ensure that your work will be the very best it can be. I believe you’re a talented writer, and I believe that here at HardtHouse, we can make your work shine, just like you want it to.

We don’t just cater for manuscripts and scripts either – we can help you with any editing need you may have, from your thesis, to your essay or poem. We have a number of packages available, tailored to suit your needs. So, stick around, have a browse, and of course, drop us a line if you have any questions.

Paige Bloomfield
Founder and Chief Editor of HardtHouse

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    Amazing Editing

    I was extremely impressed with HardtHouse! Their professionalism and timely returns were exceptional. My work was returned to me in pristine condit...

    Professional, Quick and Thorough

    The work that I submitted for editing to HardtHouse has been returned in exemplary condition. It has been an easy process from start to finish. I r...

    Fast, Professional, and always brilliantly written!

    HardtHouse have been looking after much of our organisations proof reading and editing for our marketing material, landing pages, and sales copy. W...

    My Work Looks Amazing!

    HardtHouse ensured that my five manuscripts were in incredible condition, so that I could send them through to my publisher. I couldn't have been h...

    Michaella H

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