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    We service internationally, and specialise in manuscripts destined for publishing houses, to help you fulfil your dream of becoming a published author.

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  • There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finishing a novel. Nothing like sitting back from your computer and looking at the world, the characters and the story that you have created.

    Unfortunately, however, finishing a novel doesn’t mean the next step is seeing it on the shelf.

    Your chances of being selected from what publishers like to call the ‘slush pile‘ is less likely if your work is not in excellent condition. To have a chance, your manuscript needs to stand out.

    That’s where we come in…

  • HardtHouse is a professional editing house that can help to ensure your work is ready to send in to a publisher.

    Choosing between one of our four packages can assist you on your way to seeing your novel on the shelf at your local bookstore. The Premium Package not only edits your work, but also sets your manuscript out in the general publishing format.

    If your work does not abide by this format, your chances at publication decrease. In this package we also offer a personalised feedback letter, so you can be sure your novel is at its best.

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HardtHouse can also offer the services of writing your query letter, cover letter and synopsis. Most publishing houses will ask for at least two of the aforementioned items, and getting them right is paramount, as they are the first thing your publisher will read. You want to put your best foot forward.

With years of experience, the HardtHouse team can help you and your work shine. We offer editing of the following:

    • Manuscripts
    • Scripts
    • Poetry
    • Plays
    • Documents
    • Short Stories and more…

For more information, simply fill in our Contact Page, or request a call back below.

We are able to Tailor Our Packages for your specific needs, should you not find what you are looking for.

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